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School of Agriculture


The school offers 6 distinct undergraduate degree programs in the field of agriculture. These span across 4 years and are intended to meet the gr owing need of trained human resour ces in this wide-ranging domain. Emphasis laid upon upholding a dynamic curriculum that inturn ensures practical experience and specialized skills in the face of the challenging and changing agriculture scenario.

Within the agricultural industry, a growing need exists for professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the Agricultural Sciences. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Agriculture study the dynamic aspects of the food and fibre industry and specialize in two agricultural areas. Furthermore, those who major in Agricultural Science have the opportunities to develop skills necessary to work independently or as part of a team by communicating effectively, solving problems and understanding basic business concepts. They also succeed as teachers, extension agents or leaders in the agricultural industry.

The 6 undergraduate programs offered by the School of Agriculture are distinct and unique in their own ways. These are -